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About Jamaica Delight

Cooking Classes

Jamaica Delight started Jamaican cooking classes in the New Jersey / New York / Pennsylvania area in October 2012

Chef Phensri will teach you to prepare the world famous Jamaican jerk chicken and other traditional favorites.


We are delighted to present our newly released sauces.

Thaijam Hot Fire Sauce - 5 star heat / 5 star flavor made with Jamaican scotch bonnet peppers, Thai peppers, and the emerging champion pepper from Central African called fatallii pepper

Fantastic Jamaican - Jerk Seasoning made with real 'yard' ingredients from scratch. No artificial additives.  You can excel with your own jerk chicken & jerk pork using the recipe you will get from Jamaica Delight


Our Jamaican bakery manager who faithfully bakes most of these delights herself has been doing this for more than thirty years.

She uses the techniques & closely guarded secrets handed down to her from her mother and grandmother and uses Jamaican spices and herbs - no artificial preservatives.

Customers have been know to keep cakes for months following Lilly's directions, munching on them from time to time

She has perfected her shipping methods and your cakes are guaranteed to reach you quickly, in tact full of the flavor coming off the baking rack.

Ask  for samples to be mailed to you.

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