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Jamaican cooking classes

Come and learn to make authentic Jamaican favorites:- Jamaican Jerk Chicken & Jerk Pork,  Patties & more . .

Class making jerk chicken
Jamaican patties

Watch video below - Community School - New Hope Pennsylvania

Class photoscommunity school 1 - spring '14


Class overview
Hands-on fun class. 
Everyone participates in all parts of the prep and cooking of the dishes
You eat the dishes prepared and can take home some of your creation
All ingredients are provided at no extra cost
You get to take home laminated recipes of all the dishes learnt

Duration: 3 1/2 hours

What you will learn
Make the real authentic Jamaican jerk seasoning from scratch!
Prepare authentic Jamaican jerk chicken and or jerk pork.
Make Jamaican seasoned rice & peas
optional: Make Jamaican patties

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Call Phensri for info 732-277-5902

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