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African America Heritage Festival - jamaica Delights cooked served here

Jamazing served up Jamaican delights at the Caribbean Carnival in Jersey City 7/22/2017

Sugar and spice & fiery delights?

Jamaica Delight brings to you the delightful flavors of the island rich in exotic spices & herbs. Many spices are indigenous to the island but many were brought here from the South Pacific and the Far East hundreds of years ago

We make delicious baked treats using these spices and all natural organic ingredients.

The tested and proven methods of our ancestors are carefully recreated in all our cakes, spice buns and other baked treats.

Jamaica delight shows off the zest and colorfulness of our culture & people - in our food.

We are proud to offer these treats to the world.

From our Fiery Delights team in New Jersey

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New - Jamaican Cooking Classes

 learn to make the world famous Jerk Chicken and more



From our Baked Treats team in Plantation, Florida
Jamaican spice cake The traditional Jamaican spice cake also called a plum pudding, rum cake,  Christmas cake, fruit cake. This beautiful rich moist dark cake has been made in Jamaica for generations using special island spices - no artificial ingredients.

 Most ingredients are soaked for one year to develop the very specially aged deeply flavored properties

Shipped anywhere in the world.

Wedding Cake Wedding Cakes:
Made with the same home-made techniques, no preservatives.

Cakes are delivered anywhere in the USA and the Caribbean then decorated with flair locally and delivered direct to the desired location.

For more information and to order our wedding cakes. Click here

Jamaican Spice Bun Jamaican Spice Buns: available all year. a specialty during Easter Season, delicious and yummy, great with cheese.

Shipped anywhere in the world


We will ship the cakes to you on a timely basis.  Regardless of your ethnic cuisine many people can appreciate this fine Jamaica treat.  Add them to your dessert menu.!

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